Президент Готель
01601, Україна, Київська, Київ, вул. Госпітальна 12
Телефон: +38 (044) 256-32-55
Почта: info@presidenthotel.com.ua
Факс: +38 (044) 256-32-53

Virtual studio


«President Hotel» presents a new format of events

Virtual Communication Space

TV-level video broadcasts

  • Chroma key screen to create a personal broadcast background;
  • Full HD image quality.
  • 2 PTZ cameras;
  • Simultaneous translation equipment.
  • Video editing of the broadcast after recording;
  • Ability to create interactivity during the broadcast;
  • Support.
  • Creating registration for the event;
  • Connecting several speakers on the air.

Service cost:

450 usd

For 4 hours of work

600 usd

For 8 hours of work

75 usd

Every extra hour

Virtual communication space from "President Hotel".

Book by phone: (050) 450-66-30
Or write to the e-mail: tarasenko@presidenthotel.com.ua

Guests of our studio

Photo reports

Recordings of past video broadcasts

Oksana Zubriy is the national consultant of the Lumos Foundation on deinstitutionalization

Introductory video May 19, 2020

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