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    European Hall 1/2 (left/right parts)

    • Is an exquisite hall with the area of 579 m2 in the classical style decorated using a pastel palette, which can be subdivided into two independent areas. The hall is an ideal venue for hosting large-scale conferences or banquets and drink receptions. The hall features a screen and flip chart.
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    European Hall 1/2 (left/right parts)200/150100/5070/4060/4050/50150/90250/200331/248-13,8/21,6/3,0

    European Hall is a spacious venue decorated in the classical style, which is equally good for business and solemn events.

    The hall can be converted into two separate premises, which is convenient for events of different scale. If you need a conference, seminar or banquet for 70–50 guests, either of the parts in European Hall is an ideal option. If the number of guests exceeds 200, you can rent the entire hall.

    The hall interior features a light color palette while its multi-level illumination gives the hall a special and solemn look.

    A stage, big screen and flip chart are available as well. Moreover, it is possible to order additional equipment.

    The following sitting options are available: theater, class, aggregate table, horseshoe table or T-shaped table.

    The left-hand part of the hall with the area of 331 square meters can host up to 200 guests. The right-hand part with the area of 248 square meters is enough for up to 150 guests.

    Depending on the type and scale of the event, the team of President Hotel’s managers will choose the optimum sitting option and organize a perfect event for you.

    We will implement all your requests and ensure high-quality service for your event.

    Holding your event in President Hotel provides for one more advantage: its participants can stay at comfortable suites. We offer a broad range of high-level services for leisure and work.

    Contact us right now to learn more about other advantages related to organizing events in the European Hall and book the hall.