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    12, Hospitalna street, Kyiv,
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    Section A (B)

    • Are four standalone premises with sound-absorbing partitions, which can be joined together. The total area of the sections: 193 m2. Each section features a flip chart and screen.
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    Conference Hall

    Section A (B)5030252828--60 (66)-7,2/9,4/2,8

    Section A (B) is a spacious venue with the total area of 60 (66) square meters intended for such business events as conferences, presentations and seminars.

    This is a venue of rectangular shape making it possible to provide for the following sitting options: theater, class, horseshoe table, T-shaped table or aggregate table. The team of President Hotel’s professionals will help you choose the optimum guest sitting option depending on the type of the event and number of its participants.

    The maximum sitting capacity of Section A (B) is 50 guests (theater sitting option).

    Section A (B) is a standalone venue featuring special partitions. With its business-like style and perimetric lighting system, this section is an ideal venue for hosting business events. The light color palette make the area look bigger, which creates a comfortable business environment.

    Section A (B) features comfortable furniture: tables of different size and upholstered chairs will let participants of the events work comfortably for a long time.

    A big screen for presentations and flip chart are available as well. President Hotel offers additional technical equipment upon request. The Hotel’s team will organize the event and prepare the hall for it.

    Sections A and B provide wide opportunities for transformation of their area by joining them together or merging with other sections to get a space of variable area.

    Contact us now to learn how to organize an event in Section A (B) and book the conference hall.