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  • +38 (044) 256-32-55
    12, Hospitalna street, Kyiv,
    01601, Ukraine

    President Hall

    • Is a detached building as a part of the President Hotel. It is an ideal venue for large-scale conferences, exhibitions, presentations and show programs. The comfortable hall can seat up to 465 guests and features a stage, screen and professional lighting facilities as well as makeup and VIP rooms. There is a spacious three-level lobby adjoining President Hall with an exhibition area, changing room and bar.
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    President Hall is a separate building in the Hotel territory dedicated for holding large-scale conferences, exhibitions, seminars, presentations and concerts.

    If you need a large-scale event to be held at a high professional level, President Hall will meet all your expectations.

    The concert hall is a spacious and multi-purpose auditorium provided with a large stage and comfortable armchairs (465 seats). The hall is designed as an amphitheater, which lets the audience watch the staged performance comfortably from any seat.

    There is a large screen for visual presentations and professional lighting equipment. President Hotel offers additional technical equipment for shows and conferences as well.

    There are makeup and separate VIP room in the President Hall where speakers or actors can get ready for their performance or have a rest.

    There is a big three-level hall in the President Hall building. It comprises a spacious exhibition hall, cloakroom and bar. In-between delivering speeches and after events, participants can drink a cup of coffee and have an informal conversation.

    Besides, your guests can stay at comfortable suites overnight, which is an extra advantage of holding events at President Hotel.

    The President Hotel’s team of professionals is happy to organize any event for you and will save you troubles related to the event preparation.