President Hotel
01601, Україна, Київська, Київ, вул. Госпітальна 12
Телефон: +38 (044) 256-32-55
Факс: +38 (044) 256-32-53
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  • +38 (044) 256-32-55
    12, Hospitalna street, Kyiv,
    01601, Ukraine
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    Сonferences and banquets at the “President Hotel”

    • 17 present-day banquet and conference halls
    • Wide range of technical equipment
    • Ergonomic furniture
    • Broad range of catering services
    • Professional team and long-term experience in managing all kinds of events
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    Conference halls

    President Hall 465------350-18,5/19,0/6,0
    Conference Hall 250130706040180200262-12,8/21,0/3,0
    Section А (В) 5030252828--60 (66)-7,2/9,4/2,8
    Section C (D) 2015161210--27 (33)-4,4/6,2/2,8
    Section A+C (B+D) 8050354540--94 (99)-7.2/13.7/2.8
    Section A+B 10070454030--132-9,4/14,0/2,8
    Section A+B+C+D 140100505040--193-14,0/13,8/2,8
    Section E 3020202020--43-4,4/9,8/2,8
    Kharkiv Hall 3015-----40-5,6/6,9/2,25
    Odessa Hall 3015-----40-5,6/6,9/2,25
    Meeting rooms--10-15----14-36--

    Banquet halls

    European Hall 280120706060250500579-21,6/25,3/3,0
    European Hall 1/2 (left/right parts) 200/150100/5070/4060/4050/50150/90250/200331/248-13,8/21,6/3,0
    Kyiv Hall 3015181813183054-5,4/10,0/2,9
    Pechersk Hall 3015202012203054-5,4/10,0/2,9
    Predslava Hall 1508070605080160214,2-21,0/10,0/2,8
    Predslava Hall 1/2 50303025253050112/102-10,9/10,2/2,8 9,9/10,2/2,8
    Event request

    Looking for a place to hold a banquet or a conference?


    President Hotel offers 17 beautiful halls in the center of Kyiv! The team of our professionals has been managing all kinds of events ranging from business meetings to large-scale international forums for many years. We offer all kinds of services related to organizing conferences, banquets and drink receptions.

    The Hotel offers a lot of present-day multi-purpose halls with the capacity of up to 465 guests to host large-scale forums and conferences. We also offer negotiation rooms with the capacity of 10-15 seats for important business negotiations. When necessary, European Hall, Predslava Hall and АBCD Sections can be subdivided into several separate areas, which is very convenient for hosting workshops or multipurpose events. All of the halls feature comfortable furniture, flip charts and screens as well as optional podiums or presidia. The necessary technical equipment as well as free Wi-Fi and cable Internet are at our guests’ disposal. In addition, we offer all kinds of catering services including coffee breaks, lunches and dinners as well as banquets, drink receptions or weddings. Our menu features the best classic European and Ukrainian cuisine dishes as well as designer food from the Chef.

    Holding your events in President Hotel’s banquet and conference halls is very convenient because your guests can stay at our Hotel to avoid extra transportation and time costs. Comfortable stay of your guests is our business because we provide only high-quality services and care about each of our guests. Due to the Hotel’s convenient location in the very heart of Kyiv, your guests can visit the principal city landmarks and walk down the central streets.

    President Hotel is also an ideal choice for hosting any wedding. There are four banquet halls to become a worthy venue for your very special event. The Hotel’s picturesque territory is a great place for photosets or offsite wedding ceremonies. We will create a custom-tailored and exclusive event taking into consideration your requests, offer a menu and decorate the halls, not to mention a luxurious honeymoon suite for the newlyweds. Holding your wedding at our Hotel will save you time, nerves and money. Just leave it to professionals!

    For more details please contact:

    +380 44 256-31-21

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