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Preventive disinfection in the "President Hotel"

The President Hotel applies preventative disinfection on a regular basis, which is aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases among hotel guests and staff serving guests. Preventive disinfection is carried out systematically with a multiplicity, regulated by sanitary rules and other normative documents.

The most important thing
in our time is safety and trust

Therefore, we have prepared a video about what measures we follow to ensure your safety during your stay at the hotel.

Guest care:

Hand sanitizers

Sensory hand sanitizers are installed in the reception area, lobby bar and breakfast area. Every evening there is a general disinfection of furniture.

Ozonation and quartzation of rooms

Mandatory daily ozonation and quartzing is carried out in each room when cleaning and in guest areas. Ozone is a highly effective disinfection method because ozone eliminates harmful microorganisms quickly and for a long time, after which we carefully ventilate rooms and guest areas.

Ozonation of vehicles

Ozonation is also used in vehicles used by the hotel to provide transportation services to guests. If necessary, we will ozone our guests' cars.


Breakfast is served in the room

Spa area

The spa area is undergoing ozonation and sports equipment is disinfected daily.

Reception area

The reception area is quartzing every 12 hours. Also, we sterilize plastic room keys, documents, money, pens, everything the guest picks up and passes to our staff, goes through sterilization processing. Reception area staff use masks, goggles, and gloves. Each employee checks the temperature twice per shift.

Door handles

All door handles in the guest areas of the hotel are wiped with disinfectant every hour.

Room cleaning standards

In this regard, we have amended the room cleaning standards and guest areas so that each guest can stay in clean, regularly disinfected and ozone-free rooms. We use professional certified cleaning products.

Air supply system to the hotel

More than 5 years we have the ActivTek INDUCT 10000 system which is integrated into the hotel air supply system. This innovative development uses ActivePure (RCI) technology to eliminate odors, viruses, bacteria and other air pollutants.


All hotel staff use personal protective equipment: masks, gloves.

Set the temperature control during the work of each employee. The average hotel employee is not allowed to work, but if his temperature is reached.

We have separate room in the hotel for our staff, who feel not good and need doctor check.

There is a hand sanitizer in the staff canteen.

International HACCP standards are strictly adhered to in all restaurant, kitchen and event facilities.

Reception staff use hand sanitizers every half an hour and spend quartz reception at night.

The ozonizer is operated at many hotel locations, the basement floors of the hotel and other places where staff are located after the shift.

«President Hotel»

takes care of every guest, as guest safety is our top priority